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review_my_sop's Journal

What's Your Purpose
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I created this as a place where people applying to graduate school can help submit & get advice when writing a statement of purpose.

The rules:

1. All entries should be "friends-only." This is for your protection to help keep others out there from borrowing your ideas. Likewise:
2. No "borrowing" anyone else's SOP.
3. No community promotions, please. No one cares if you're a hot MILF, DILF or Co-ed.
4. Try to keep the submissions to a minimum. Ideally-first draft, one in the middle & final draft unless you've drastically changed the entire SOP.
5. Please post things related to Statements of Purpose only. There are plenty of other LJ communities out there for other grad school questions. Anything you post here should be about SOPs only.
6. If you want people to review your SOP, you're going to have to do some reviewing too.
7. Please submit your SOP like so:

Your name:
School(s) you are applying to:
*lj cut*
body of your SOP

Lastly, please be nice when you critique the work of others. Everyone is under a lot of stress, and "you suck" is never helpful.